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These designs and more are available on my redbubble!  T-shirts, iphone/ipod/ipad cases, samsung galaxy cases and prints are the available products in almost every single work! Even if you’re not interested in any of this, please do help me out and signal boost!

This has been my goal since the first day that I had to restart this blog, nearly a year ago after losing all of my followers gained over a few years time.  I’m unbelievably happy that the teen titans community is still finding joy in gifs and edits of the show.  I know that I’ve been slow at posting gif sets and what not, but I promise I’ll try to get more gifs up in a reasonable amount of time.  Thank you all for following me!

There has been an update to my redbubble store!  All works previously only available as iPhone cases, such as my Terra design, now have the option for the Samsung Galaxy model!  Designs range from teen titans to young justice to anime.  Go have a look around, you may find something you’re interested in!

Fish tacos? What were you thinking?!

also the url titanstower is not being used but the blog is protected so i have no way of contacting the owner for it

ugh i just want it so bad i’m tired of this dash in my url 

"Her Name Was Terra…" by notafantasy

This work, previously only available as iphone/ipad cases, is now available in t-shirt form!