when there's trouble you know what to do CALL CYBORG
Hi I'm sorry to bother but I've looked at your Terra phone case from Redbubble and I want to get it but it's not available for iPhone 5c is it possible for that to happen or no? (SO SORRY TO BOTHER YOU BUT THANK YOU FOR READING THIS)

Not a bother at all!

And I’m so sorry to say that redbubble does not currently have the option to sell phone cases for an iPhone 5c. I wish I could do something, but it’s really out of my control. And I really hope this isn’t a super late reply!

Again I’m sorry! D:

Hello again! This is just a reminder that I have a redbubble store! I’m looking to make a little extra money for school and stuff, so if you give it a look or just boost this out there. I currently have a few teen titans designs, young justice, and a few random anime designs. If you’re not interested please do consider boosting for those who might be!

(p.s. designs range from shirts, iphone/ipad cases, samsung cases, to even prints! every little bit counts.)

Her name was Terra.  She was gifted with tremendous power and cursed with it as well.  She was a dangerous enemy and a good friend and she was one of the bravest people I have ever known.

You don’t really believe they’re your friends, do you Terra?

You don’t have to hurt people to feel good about yourself.

This has been my goal since the first day that I had to restart this blog, nearly a year ago after losing all of my followers gained over a few years time.  I’m unbelievably happy that the teen titans community is still finding joy in gifs and edits of the show.  I know that I’ve been slow at posting gif sets and what not, but I promise I’ll try to get more gifs up in a reasonable amount of time.  Thank you all for following me!